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As marketers we know all about the 4 P’s (price, place, product and promotion), Kotler marketing concepts and how marketing is changing the world. But lets stop kidding you are no marketer… you have a great product and service you want to show the world. It could be difficult to know how to design and start a successful marketing plan for your small business on your own.

The easiest way to jump into this is to define your strategies based on your objectives and organize them by type.

For example, if you want to focus the work on your product, you have to be specific and precise about what you offer:

  • Products or service characteristics: FAB – features, advantages, and benefits. Quality, user friendliness, differences with others, new features and everything about what are you offering to your clients.
  • New lines: this is about new attributes, the expand of your line, new products or a new launch.
  • New services: When you have a new customer service, new guarantees, new facilities of payment, etc.

Otherwise, if your strategy is built around price, you have to focus on:

  • Be the best in your area: looking for a fast response? Offer a lower price and let the people know about it.
  • Do promotions: 2 x 1 or FREE thing work great among customers.
  • Offer coupons: The best way to be sure if your online strategy is doing well, is when you receive clients in your local or office.

Another strategy is “Innovation”. Remember that the greatest marketing campaigns are those who are creative and unexpected:

  • Create a unique web site: Dynamic, fun, full of interesting content and attractive.
  • Trust on video marketing.
  • Participate in activities, create events and bring something different to your community.

It does not matter if you will be focusing your efforts on the product, the price or the way you are promoting it. A professional team who can generate unique content, work with the latest SEO strategies and knows well your brand, will increase and guide your business to success.




Ana Belmonte

Author Ana Belmonte

Journalist from Venezuela. Ana merges traditional journalism practices with social media knowledge. Community manager and social media planner for different brands and business.

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