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Siri used to be in its own category, and then was joined by Cortana for Microsoft, and Alexa for Amazon. Even Google went to using a personal digital assistant (PDA) of sorts when it added the “OK Google” functionality to its search engine app. But how does that affect SEO?

It affects SEO because it changes how people search for locations and information they want. For instance, at a computer, a potential customer might type in “grocery store Tomah wi”. But when talking into their phone, the words will take a more complete sentence and question form, as in “Where is a grocery store in Tomah, Wi?”

The question makes the keywords searched for more of a phrase and that distinction needs to incorporated into your SEO strategy.  Google and other search engines currently use a semantic search, one that analyzes the user’s intent of their use of keywords, and provide the best results accordingly.

Plus, search engine users have figured out that longer, more specific queries that eliminate more general responses. These can be a series of general words but is more likely a complete sentence, especially when spoken into the microphone for the PDA to listen and interpret.

Auto-correct is an issue, but even that is getting better. Operating systems are being developed that “learn” a user’s speech pattern, popular words and phrases and other mechanisms to make better suggestions and corrections to typed and spoken words. As that improves, PDAs will be more effective and have even more impact on search engine optimization and marketing strategies to maximize their potential.

As more people use those features, search will evolve with more diversification and increased complexity to fine-tune that help. Conversational inquiries will become more advanced with different ways to recognize key components to the question and tailor results accordingly.

You have probably already begun to incorporate key phrases into your SEO strategy. Keep going and watch the results to see where to make changes as this trend gains hold in 2017.

Sebastian Duque

Author Sebastian Duque

With a BAs in Marketing from Florida International University, Sebastian is fascinated by how search engine marketing is shaping consumers and markets behavior. He lives in Miami, Florida and speaks both Spanish and English. Sebastian is also the general manager at By Afro and holds various certifications in search, advanced search, display advertising and an online marketing certification from IAB Spain.

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