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5 reasons why a good online reputation is indispensable

Your web site and social media profiles are your customer’s first impression of your brand. 81% of shoppers make online research before they make a purchase and 60 % begins by using a search engine to find the products they want.

This is why your online image is just as important as your offline. An effectively and strategically developed social media strategy and a web site that looks professional, is informative and easy to use is “must” in your marketing strategy.

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  1. They search, they buy. If your products/services look good online, it’s more probable that you offer a nice experience. This is a rule between shoppers, they can base their preferences on what they see online.
  2. Create a real connection. Share your company’s history, contact information and customer reviews provide potential customer the information they need to understand your philosophy, products and services. A warm and direct contact with your clients is key to boosting your brand.
  3. Stay ahead from competitors. A well crafted branding strategy will give you extra points over your competitors. Great web design that runs well on cellphones can make the difference.
  4. They will follow you. Nobody gets followers by re-tweeting other users posts or publishing mediocre pictures. A proficient graphic design can help you to attract more fans: using creative, original and professionally designed images will help you build a positive impression and expand your business.
  5. They will stay. Visits on your web site, a few ‘Likes’ on Facebook or a ‘Repost’ on Instagram are nothing if you don’t keep up the good work… A good online image is a compilation of creative thinking, great graphic design, copy writing and a personalized social media strategy. If you excel at this, your audience will stay interested in your brand.

Engaging with your customers online is the best decision you can make. Traditional media costs a lot more, and most of the time you can’t know it’s exact reach. Online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram shows you in real time how your company is growing online, giving you daily numbers and statistics. A well maintained online image , accompanied by out of this world content can take you to the top!





Ana Belmonte

Author Ana Belmonte

Journalist from Venezuela. Ana merges traditional journalism practices with social media knowledge. Community manager and social media planner for different brands and business.

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