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Neuromarketing, how is it useful for your business

Did you know that neuro-marketing is the field of marketing research that studies consumer’s sensors as motor, cognitive, and affective response to marketing stimuli? It may sound confusing, but it is one of the most common components of today’s marketing strategies. Neuromarketing involves methods to measure consumers’ neurological reactions to products, commercials, brands or campaigns. Is the science that reads electrical signals from the brain and analyzes them to provide the answers that a client needs.

Brands such as Campbell’s Soup, Gerber and Coca Cola have used neuromarketing to restyle their packaging designs. They studied their consumers exposing them to the product’s packages, and their response (recorded as positive, neutral, or negative), was used in conjunction with an in-depth interview to analyze specific points that eventually resulted in changes to elements such as color, text size and image.

You might be thinking; “Only big corporations have the resources to do this kind of research. As a small business I do not have enough money, time or personnel to make this kind of studies.” Well… no. You can apply best practices to understand why users make decisions (the goal of neuromarketing) and get the most out of your promotional campaigns:

  • The importance of consistency: a consistent experience with a brand or product will become inseparably connected to it. Branding expert Martin Lindstrom has done some research on the subject and found out that the color red – embedded in brands like Malboro or Coca-Cola – makes people crave those products even when the logo wasn’t present. Simply seeing red triggered the association.
  • Using the right colors: Did you know that colors make a huge difference in how people perceive your message?  Using the correct colors gives you an edge over your competition, letting you to spread your message effectively, understand your target audience and build / impulse your brand.

Do you want to know what emotions are evocating your brand? Check this color emotion guide:

Color Emotion Guide



  • Support: support is a cognitive preference that impacts the way we buy. Use testimonials would be a great way to use this, and more importantly it puts an emphasis on the importance of your brand value.
  • Your clients first: Make a real connection with your public. Let them feel important for your brand and speak to them in a friendly/familiar tone. Remember, in Digital Marketing is all about the audience, not brands.
  • Facilitate your consumer’s decisions by supplying statistics: is very important include graphic, data and tables that carry to the user to think that his decision of purchase is correct. For example, if your web site shows that two of every three users also acquired other related product, it gives certain social validation to the purchase.
  • Choose the right fonts: Experiments at the University of Michigan showed that the way we perceive information can be affected dramatically by how simple or complex the font is. In particular, the work found that a simple font was more likely to get the readers to make a commitment.

Images, colors, fonts and content are very important in your digital marketing strategy. Never forget that your clients are ‘thinking individuals’ who decide what to buy based on their experiences and tastes…

Ana Belmonte

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