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Many businesses, especially those that understand the importance of social media and trends, are always looking to update their brand identity and online image.

Every year we see new graphic design trends, fonts, pattern of colors and lots of resources that your small business can use to stay current in this ever changing global market. That is why in this article, we will show you the lasted trends on digital graphic design, so pick your favorite and hands on!

  • Color: A simple five letter word, but a world of limitless opportunities… Each year, Pantone Institute launches its pallet and can be called ” the bible for designers”. For this spring, they have a wide and gender-less selection of tones. You can see it here:
  • Lines and backgrounds: Web sites and social media profiles are excellent spaces for geometric shapes. Cubes, triangles, abstract backgrounds and circles are IN. About this, Google has its own bible too:
  • Logos: Minimalism is still trending. For this year, flat design and negative spaces are other two important trends on this subject.

Web site design trends:

  • Large images: Good quality images are vital for any web site, much more if we are talking about products and services. One of the biggest trends today is incorporate big pictures to every article, section or menu.
  • Flat design: It is a style that emphasized the minimum use of stylistic elements that give the illusion of three dimensions. The best example on this trend it would be Apple and its device’s menu.
  • Retro styles: You can see the influence (colors, fonts and lines) from the 50 to the 80’s.
  • Modular layouts: It’s the self-contained modules or cards used as the primary organizational principle. Perfect for establish every section on the Web site.
  • Picture overlay: Text + photo, you just don’t need it any more.
  • Negative space: Black or white spaces used strategically, can help you to show an organized and sophisticated web site.

Trends design for social media:

  • Using your Twitter and Facebook covers: Show your promotions, new products or local with style!
  • Animated GIFs on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Illustrations: This year, hand drawn illustrations are IN.
  • Using Boomerang: Instagram launched its own 1-second video app and it is really easy to use.
  • Facebook Live: People can broadcast real-time to their audience via mobile devices.
  • New ‘Adds’ formats: Using the carousel format on Facebook or Instagram advertise, your business can be more interactive and attention-grabbing for the audience.
Ana Belmonte

Author Ana Belmonte

Journalist from Venezuela. Ana merges traditional journalism practices with social media knowledge. Community manager and social media planner for different brands and business.

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