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Adele Nasr, Marketing Director at 3 Day Blinds recently did a promotional video with the Google Adwords to show how they effectively drove phone leads using Call only ads with Google Adwords.

What’s interesting is that the company itself is driving phone calls instead of website clicks. These calls usually end up in home appointments, which deliver a ton of sales.

Here is one of 3 Day Blinds branding ads:

adwords ad screenshot

“Callers from paid search go into a priority 1 queue because they have higher intent and they’re a little more informed,” Adele Nasr said. “The call center is really able to accommodate each of the calls to match the product the consumer is interested in.” Information is power, which is essential to help your customers going down the funnel, in this case the objective was to schedule a home appointment and finally convert prospect to a paying customer.

Dan Williams, Chief Revenue Officer of 3 Day Blinds touched a very important point about modern day marketing strategy; “I don’t believe any company can do marketing without Google as part of the business.”  Google must be part of your marketing strategy but more importantly it must be implemented in the right way, at the right time to the right audience, which 3 Day Blinds did. Mr Williams stated “Google allowed us to use online solutions to build an offline relationship. Using mobile search to generate phone calls is specifically very important. More often than not the customer has questions that need to be answered and it just can’t be done online.” This is a perfect example of how Google Adwords can help drive leads to your business.

Paid search phone calls accounted for 50% of 3 Day Blinds appointment volume according to Nasr.

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