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The holidays are high-traffic time for searches as people look for places and gifts to meet the items on their Christmas shopping lists. While we might neglect our diet and budgets, letting go of the methods that got you to the top of the search engines is not something you can do. Here are a few tips to keep you up to date:

  1. Watch the trends. Using Google Trends, you can analyze your keywords to see if there is another version of it doing better. “Stores open on Christmas day” can also be “Christmas day stores” or “stores open near me”. Look at what tweaks you might need to make to your content and then make them to take advantage of the change in search behavior.
  2. Update your Google Business page. If you are open longer or additional days, put that on your Google Business page. This gives searching customers a notification that you are doing something special on that day, and will keep them from showing up when you are closed or will make them grateful you are there for them at the last minute.
  3. Decorate your content for the season. Names for the holidays in season creep into searches so it should be intentionally insert in your relevant content.  Look at your ads and put holiday hours or deals in the description to be noticed right away. If you have specific product offerings this time of year, be sure to blog about it.

Holidays are busy for everyone. It is easy to let some things slide and pick them back up after the first of the year. To make the most of the holiday season, stay on top of your search engine rankings. The good will you garner by helping your customers meet their holiday needs will carry over as loyalty during the normal months of the year. And that’s the gift every business wants.

Sebastian Duque

Author Sebastian Duque

With a BAs in Marketing from Florida International University, Sebastian is fascinated by how search engine marketing is shaping consumers and markets behavior. He lives in Miami, Florida and speaks both Spanish and English. Sebastian is also the general manager at By Afro and holds various certifications in search, advanced search, display advertising and an online marketing certification from IAB Spain.

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